Know your cravings

Study your subconscious behaviors to achieve your goals.

It's incremental

Set your own pace to cut back using hard data about your habits

Effective Escraving

It's non-judgmental

You could be tracking anything, so escrave doesn’t make value assumptions about your actions.

Some possible habits

It's discreet

You don't need an account, don't have to download, just go to (even offline).

More about privacy

What you can do with it

Selves don't let selves lie to themselves. Use Escrave to not let cravings slip throught the cracks.

  • Track usage & budget
  • Make realistic goals
  • See Progress
test it out.

Paying attention to cost

Use escrave to analyze your habit spending

Have you ever spent on your habit when you shouldn't have, or didn't want to? That can be a strong wakeup call. The first thing you should do in that situation is to become aware your own behavior. By keeping closer tabs on how and when you overspend, you can save money easier.

Say know to thy self

Take back your actions from your subconcious

Knowing precisely how often you give into a craving is hard enough with a tracker, Recognizing the number of times you've even thought about it is near impossible.

You're doing better than you think. Escrave can help you by leaving a physical remainder when you 'resist', so you can begin to tip the scales in your favor.

Make the right goals

Effectively manage your expectations

When attempting to cut back, it's essential to make smart goals. Don't start by trying to quit. Start by trying to wait an hour longer than usual, for example.

Any progress you make is good progress, so acknowledge your successes no matter how small they seem. escrave gives you the ability to explicitly declare goals, but doesn't judge you if you don't make it all the way.

Feedback to basics

Observe your progress as you go

Make Data Driven Decisions

Escrave generates visualizations of your habit that you can use to make more informed choices in the moment. Keeping track of your own behavior can be enough to force you out of autopilot!

What to track

Common Habits to Track

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Buying alcohol/counting drinks
  • Using recreational drugs
  • Desired eating habits
  • Using social media
  • Watching youtube/netflix
  • Listening to Top 40 radio

No matter how strong your resolution, your habit(s) can get the best of you. This page has some suggestions of common addictions and bad habits to keep track of.

All things in moderation, even moderation. Use Escrave to track anything that you might do/use/buy/smoke/eat/make more often than you would like to.

Escraven's Journal

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Making subconscious decisions, consciously

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Recognizing and accepting cravings

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Keeping your guilty pleasure anonymous

Escrave is available to use without creating an account and operates entirely on your personal device. This means that we do not store any of the data you create with it. Escrave does not even use analytics tools to get information about you.

The data that users create is decentralized by nature, because your device is storing your own version of Escrave.

To add security and anonymity, you do not specify to Escrave what you’re using it to track. Even if somebody acquired your data, they would have no idea what it was about.

Escrave was built this way to make it easier to be honest with yourself.

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